Change, and how letting go is often the same as setting free.


This is my photo for, the worldwide photo project that invites everyone to create a photo on May 15th, 2012. We have until May 22nd to upload to their website… I am excited to see what everyone else creates. This crow appeared in our yard very early this morning, a bit wet due to the rain. Crows are usually quite aware of my presence, and they tend to fly away the moment they notice me. I got lucky that I was standing quietly at my tripod and camera to be able to take enough images to create this composite. For about five minutes, this crow didn’t care that I was present. Then it’s instincts turned on and at the click of the camera, the bird was gone.

Update: now uploaded.   Did you take a picture today? Why not send it to the project?

4 thoughts on “Impermanency

  1. I love the crows in our neighborhood. I feed them bread scraps sometimes, they talk to me, know my call, and follow Roxie and me sometimes on our morning walk. Great pic Greg!

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