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Imagination in focus. Facts and fictions that set our minds on fire. Artist, author, skier. 

In addition to his poetry and fiction writings, award-winning artist-author Gregory Scheckler is well-known for his lively realistic paintings. Borne out of countless field studies, life drawings and photos, these colorful images reveal the witty, beautiful, and honest characters of many common and uncommon birds. Paying close attention to the natural world often reveals profound beauty, light, shadow, color and form. 

Gregory Scheckler telemark skiing the Thunderbolt Trail, Mt. Greylock, MA.


Learning about falconry

Scheckler has exhibited since the late 1980s. Exhibits include Ferrin Gallery, Kolok Gallery, Gallery 51, Metro One Gallery, Sivertson Gallery, the Soo Rye Art Gallery, and Greylock Arts, as well as at museums such as the Southern Vermont Art Center, Washburn Historical and Cultural Museum, Duluth Art Institute, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, One West Art Center, the Boyden Gallery at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and the Bennington Museum in Vermont. Additional venues include the Hotz Nature Center, Miller-Dwan Foundation, Center for the Visual Arts Gallery at Illinois State University, and the National Science Foundation. Gregory Scheckler’s artworks are owned in private and public collections internationally, as nearby as New York City and as far away as Tokyo, Japan.

The fine arts today are a diverse and wildly colorful world, full of intrigues and visual poetry. Taking a no-holds barred approach to creativity, in addition to realist paintings Scheckler’s work also embraces a wide array of media and genres, from academic realism to realist landscape paintings  to cartoony art-brut, nature photography, abstraction, mail art, creative writing and many other experiments. Such experiments have been in exhibits in national and international venues including the Gylsboda Art Center in Sweden, the Kaunas Biennial in Lithuania, 40 Kvadratov Gallery in Russia, the National Art School and Museum of Contemporary Art in Australia, the Caldwell Gallery at the Armory Center for the Arts in California, Galleri KG54 in Sweden, plus the Museum of Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom.

Publications of his writing or art include the North Adams Transcript, the Berkshire Eagle, BerkshireFineArts.com, The Bray Arts Journal, Slooh.com Skylog, the Berkshire Review: an International Journal of the Arts, Butterflies and Moths of North America, the North County Perp, Painter’s Table Magazine, The Mind’s Eye Liberal Arts Journal,  Thought & Action: Journal of the National Education Association, the NEA Advocate, Spaceweather.com, and illustration for DGC/Interscope Records, and Winglet Books. Via the Associated Press, his photos were published by the India Times, Press Enterprise, CBS News, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal.

Awards include the Juror’s Award from Utah ’95 curator David Rubin the 20th Century Art Curator of the Pheonix Museum, Who’s Who among American Teachers & Educators, the Davis Educational Foundation Faculty Grant, the MCLA Creative Project Award, first runner-up for the Millikin Prize and the Yale-Norfolk Prize, the George and Marie Eccles Foundation scholarship, and a Purchase Award at the National Graduate Works on Paper show at the Illinois State University Center for the Arts.

Scheckler’s training and academic background demonstrate a rare combination of traditional and contemporary arts experience. He earned degrees from the University of Notre Dame (starting as a mechanical engineering major but ending with a degree in Modern and Classical Languages, plus an Art double major), Utah State University (Art) where he held the Presidential Fellowship, and Washington University in St. Louis (Painting) where he was also an Eliot Honors Scholar. He studied classical drawing and figure anatomy at the New York Academy of Art, and academic figure and portrait painting through workshops at the Angel Academy of Art, in Florence, Italy. Scheckler is one of only a very few artists living today who has both higher education contemporary art training as well as traditional academy art training.

Scheckler teaches painting, drawing, photography and composition as tenured Professor of Art in the Massachusetts State University System at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Many of his art students have gone on to become fine artists, illustrators, designers, art teachers, and museum educators.

Prof. Scheckler teaching art.

Prof. Scheckler teaching art.

Following in the witty words of Isaac Asimov “he remains as youthful, as lively and as lovable as ever, and grows more handsome with each year. You can be sure that this is so since he has written this little essay himself and his devotion to absolute objectivity is notorious.” ;)

He is married to the artist Laura Christensen. Both are avid telemark skiers, and enjoy mountain biking and hiking too. Residing in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, they provide a home for two lovely cats Jupiter and Masaccio.


Jupiter and Masaccio, practicing the art of napping

Email: Studio.GregoryATgmail.com

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