What People Say about the Art

Art critics and art owners alike find Gregory Scheckler’s artworks fascinating and valuable:

“Gregory can paint, but more than that he couples traditional (and beautifully realized) technique–glazes, sfumato, deft brushwork–with fresh ideas about representation, narrative and symbol.  We love living with his sly bird, Relativity of Wrong. “ – Joe Thompson, Director of MASS MoCA and Jennifer Trainer Thompson, author, owners of the painting Relativity of Wrong.

“Scheckler paints with a clear understanding of zoology, physics, mythology, art history… with enjoyment in exploration that feels very much like the Renaissance curiosity he references. … His real skill looks effortless, like a gymnast turning aerials on a balance beam, but we feel the effort, the patience and grit and skill it takes, and it turns us breathless.” – Kate Abbott, editor of Berkshires Week, reviewing one of Scheckler’s art shows.

“Scheckler’s unusual bird images deservedly draw attention. Typically, these specimens are arrested in action and isolated in a spatial void — their world. A goldfinch zooming through the picture plane like a Baroque cherub, the bond of two feeding swallows, and a Cedar Waxwing with contortions worthy of Audobon alone justify a visit. … I’ve long been conditioned to accept that art professors frequently can neither draw nor paint, and it’s always encouraging to encounter one who can do both. Scheckler, now in his mid career, is one such individual. Trained under figurative artists here and abroad, he has significant technical skills, and is an accomplished draughtsman and painter… Scheckler is a thinking artist with genuine ability.” – Keith Shaw, art critic for the Berkshire Eagle and Artscope Magazine.

Relativity of Wrong, part 2